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Brisbane’s home of hip-hop, Karsniogenics are proud to present the sophomore release for GAZ HAZARD and his label debut, the uncompromising and incomparable, WELCOME TO GULLYWOOD

Following 2012’s cult classic Hazardous To Your Health, W2G plays as the perfect juxtaposition between Gaz’s criminal past and his current path in life; as a family man, business owner and MC. After a lifestyle change and rebuilding Gullywood Studios Gaz decided to commence work on the follow up to his independent debut, 6 years in the making, W2G works as Gaz’s salvation and redemption, a testament to a life lived and the lives lost along the way.

The title track WELCOME TO GULLYWOOD kicks the album off with features from 750 REBELS veteran KEN OATH on the hook and a standout second verse from one of Gaz’s great friends, another stalwart of the Australian hip-hop game of both Hired Goons and 750 Rebels crews; the on stage and microphone monster BIGFOOT. WU TANG is a LAZY GREY produced burner that elaborates on Gaz’s time spent on the opposite side of the law and how the music then influenced his actions and continues to do so to the present day. A vivid true story of underworld dealings that Scorcese himself couldn’t have scripted.

Wretched poetry is the order of the day on INCOGNITO. Produced by and featuring longtime friend, collaborator and Hired Goon veteran TORNTS, the two street level warriors trade bars like Spartans over a murky and belligerent soundscape that is without doubt an album highlight.

Prolific Adelaide producer REALIZM contributes three heat rocks with one of the standouts being HINDSIGHT. An amazing and soulful production, REALIZM lays the perfect bed for Gaz to give you a brief insight into how he used to live, in his own words;

“As a young man I got involved in some heavy shit when being infiltrated by an undercover cop in a police investigation where they offered sums of cash for lists of goods. This is called Entrapment but it’s a law that does not exist in this country and so the whole crew got pinched and copped our charges on the chin.. As you do in my world.”

Alongside the afore mentioned highlights, WELCOME TO GULLYWOOD packs a crew heavy ensemble without sounding guest heavy or overbearing. GAZ HAZARD shines alongside the likes of KEN OATH, BIGFOOT, TORNTS, LAZY GREY, SUSS ONE, JAKE BIZ, OVERPROOF PETE, SIMPLEX and PORSE 1 with a heavy roster of production assists from LAZY GREY, TORNTS, REALIZM, HEATA, AKIDCALLEDCHUBZ and DONTEZ of KINGS KONEKTED; all showing up to lend a fluid and complete sound to the album. Karsniogenics Head honcho DJ DCIDE lends cuts to several tracks while also overseeing the overall arrangements and flow of the record.

WELCOME TO GULLYWOOD plays like Gaz’s magnum opus, an amazing collection of tracks that display phenomenal growth as not just an MC but as a man. As an MC, Gaz brings an incredible ear for beat selection - on clear display across W2G - and spits with a brutal honesty few could muster, because very few have tread the path GAZ HAZARD has. WELCOME TO GULLYWOOD is as entertaining a listen as it is intensely personal and brutal. A funky journey through the heart and mind of someone that has been there and lived it,

Karsniogenics are proud to present, WELCOME TO GULLYWOOD.


Available Friday April 20th through www.karsniogenics.com.au and digitally through all your favourite streaming & download outlets.


1. WELCOME TO GULLYWOOD feat Ken Oath & Bigfoot


3. INCOGNITO feat Tornts

4. BLUEPRINT [Realizm Remix]

5. THE LOWER 42nd feat Lazy Grey, Suss One, Jake Biz, Overproof Pete, Simplex

6. A KING [Tribute To Bezrock]

7. AND THEN SOME feat Bigfoot & Jake Biz

8. CHARLIE, ROMEO, SIERRA feat Porse One



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Brisbane’s premier home of hip hop music, Karsniogenics is proud to present “The Lower 42nd b/w A King”; the debut 7” single from GAZ HAZARD’s upcoming sophomore release ‘Welcome to Gullywood’.

Produced by SEAN B (The Statesmen, Kold Heat), The Lower 42ND sees GAZ HAZARD teaming up with his Karsniogenics label mates for an all-star, roster heavy posse cut. Featuring LAZY GREY, SUSS ONE, JAKE BIZ, OVERPROOF PETE and SIMPLEX, The Lower 42nd is a sparse and drum heavy excursion into sonic malevolence, complete with a forthcoming video clip shot by Dolan at DFDES1GN, art directed by HAMS and produced by DJ DCIDE.

The B-Side, A King is a heart-felt dedication to fallen soldier and former CRS and TBK member, Beza aka Bezrock. A King is masterfully produced by Hired Goons heavyweights HEATA and BIGFOOT - with HEATA supplying additional scratches – and conveys the endearing and all too identifiable story of losing someone close after following separate paths later in life.

Both tracks are taken from the long awaited follow up to GAZ HAZARD’s 2013’s cult classic album ‘Hazardous To Ya Health’.

In 2018 Karsniogenics are proud to present, ‘Welcome To Gullywood’.


Available Wednesday February 7th through www.karsniogenics.com.au and digitally through all your favourite streaming & download outlets.

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750 REBELS now has it's own dedicated online store with which we plan to expand our range of 750 product beyond just music and logo tees. 750 REBELS has always stood for much more than just the music we make. For one, it's an attitude of understanding you have freedom if you really want to take it; to stand up for your beliefs and take no shit from nobody; among many, many other things. Here's the manifesto, just click the link below to head over to the store. It's only the beginning....

We rise against the status quo and established authority. A brotherhood bonded by more than a measurement of volume. Our clothing is as incendiary as the cloth that burns in a Molotov cocktail. Winning is a short sighted goal, we play the long game with integrity..

750 Rebels. Respect the name that maintains respect in the game.



750 Rebels Web Store


We recently dropped some limited edition orange coloured cassettes and vinyl of this release in the Karsniogenics online store. There's still a small handful of orange vinyl available so get in to get yours. The cassettes are sold out sorry, much respect to those who collected!

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Karsniogenics is proud to announce the latest offering from Queensland’ s pioneering hip-hop label; “KONEKT GAME” is the debut release from SUSS ONE  ‘THE CORAX TYPE’. Following his illustrious feature on the critically acclaimed release from KINGS KONEKTED “CORRUPTED CITIZENS” in 2015, SUSS ONE is now ready to let fly with a powerful extended player of his own. 

The production on “KONEKT GAME is shared by DONTEZ (KINGS KONEKTED) and AKIDCALLEDCHUBZ (KARSNIOGENICS), providing SUSS ONE with a dynamic soundscape for his deep thoughts and brutally honest rhyme schemes to shine on. Standout tracks to highlight include the electrifying opener ‘CLEAR CUT’, the ego crushing ‘CITY COUNCIL’ and the chilling storyteller ‘SLOW DEATH, FAST LANE’. 

Profound, sincere and conscious at it’s heart, “KONEKT GAME” tells the story of a young man reflecting on the world surrounding him. Weaving in and out of abstract rhyme patterns, SUSS ONE delivers an onslaught of double entendres leaving the most skilled lyrical interpreters hitting the rewind button repeatedly. 

Featuring artists include 750 Rebel LAZY GREY blessing the introduction; Karsniogenics label mate OVERPROOF PETE and CULPRIT of KINGS KONEKTED pack a fistful of heavily weighted punchlines on ‘CITY COUNCIL’; DONTEZ trades ominous verses with SUSS on ‘TIMEPIECE’; and DJDCIDE peppers his trademark cuts and scratches throughout the EP, shining on ‘REST IN SPEECH’ & ‘CHECK GAME’ 

“KONEKT GAME” releases nationally on CD, Vinyl and digital formats on December 15, 2016. Available for purchase online and at selected independent record stores.



Hailing from Brisbane’s south side Gaz Hazard was a founding member of underground rap group CRS (Cool, Rad, Skills or Cunt Rap Syndicate). CRS garnered cult-like support in the mid to late 2000’s following the release of the crew’s debut album, Gully Down Crooks. Known for their rowdiness and a “back to basics” approach the Cunt Rap Syndicate finally reopened their doors in 2013 with the first full-length release from one of their most promising MC’s with Gaz Hazard’s Hazardous To Ya Health album.

Hazardous To Ya Health saw Gaz trawling through a lifetime of memories from the opposite side of the law, a vantage point from which very few local MC’s can truly speak. The album featured the remarkable talents of fellow CRS members Pors 1 and Servo who provide five verses and nine stellar beats respectively. The album also relished collaborations with close mates the 750 Rebels and Hired Goons; Ken Oath, Billy Bunks, Bigfoot, Jake Biz and Tornts bringing a powerhouse of Australian hip-hop to it’s forefront.

Since the release of Hazardous To Ya Health, Gaz has been honing his skills and perfecting his craft both on stage and in the lab. With a number of admirable shows under his belt including three Stand Up supports in 2014 (Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide) and a few local headliners between. The time has come for Gaz to once again embark on his solo journey with his sophomore album well in the works and expected to release late 2015.

In celebration of the label announcement Gaz has composed a new track and video titled ‘The Blueprint’ shot, cut and stabbed by long time friend Heathen Steelberg. The track is produced by a Gemini Method collaboration of label compadre Akidcalledchubz and Dontez of Kings Konketed (Unkut Recordings) and features killah cuts from the Karsniogenics head honcho Dj Dcide. Please help us welcome Gaz to the brotherhood that be Karsniogenics records and wish him a long productive career of independently released Hip-Hop music.




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in case you didn't know

Karsniogenics & the 750 REBELS present JAKE BIZ, LAZY GREY & DJDCIDE. Three of Brisbane hip-hop’s finest underground artists comin’ correct with the long awaited latest installment from members of the infamous 750 Rebels, “KOLD HEAT”.

Following on from the short film prequel to the album “KOLD HEAT | BRING IT TO YA CITY” DVD released in late 2013, the crew are set to burn up ya sound system with this latest body of work.

Produced by SEAN B of THE STATESMEN, with additional production from veteran MC/Producer LAZY GREY, KOLD HEAT is a record that’s reminiscent of the sound and style from 10 years ago, the early/mid 2000s; a time when Australian hip-hop was relatively unscathed by the masses and owned by the rawest and purists alike.

Three years in the making, the album has taken many twists and turns along the way since its first inception. Riding high off the back of his debut solo album “Commercial Hell”, JAKE BIZ began work on a follow up EP. At this time, production duo SEAN B and DJDCIDE were also in the early stages of their next EP, while the Little General aka LAZY GREY had began work on his next solo LP. The guys decided then to combine their efforts and thus KOLD HEAT was born. To set it off right the team went into isolation for a condensed pressure cooker style production session over 3 days at a house in the secluded Mt Crosby area. Dubbed “The Kompound” the crew produced the initial 6-8 tracks which formed the basis of the album KOLD HEAT.

Continuing the creative momentum, the crew excelled week after week in the studio producing more and more tracks, further developing the sound for the record. During this period the guys began developing concepts for the first video clip and engaged long time friends and filmmakers HEATA and JOSH DAVIS. With the production team on board, the short film prequel to the album “KOLD HEAT | BRING IT TO YA CITY” was now in motion, and the Rebels put forth 7 tracks to form the soundtrack to the film.

With the film released in late 2013, the guys went straight back to studio creating even more tracks. Now with some 20+ tracks in the can it was time to craft the final arrangement for the LP. Their devotion to deliver a no-frills style hip-hop release amongst the myriad of commercial sounds the culture produces today was a natural step for the crew, given they felt this is a sound that’s been missing in recent years. To solidify this mantra the crew released the next single from the album “PIG CITY” on iTunes with a hot new video clip on YouTube in August this year.

KOLD HEAT brings forth a mature ‘grown-man hip-hop” sound from JAKE BIZ and LAZY GREY, with topics and storylines that range from your traditional boom-bap style party joints, to some of the heavier content around their personal beliefs in the machinations of the political world today, through to paying homage to the foundation architects of Australian hip hop culture. With both MCs comes a distinct level of comfort between one another’s sound, reinforced by having performed on stage together with DJDCIDE consistently over the past 3-4 years, and further enhanced by the raw production style from the pioneering crate digger and 4ZZZ Phattape Hip-hop Show 10 year veteran SEAN B. The chemistry between these artists shown across this album is evidence of their commitment to their beloved hip-hop culture, friends and artists alike.

Featuring some of the underground hip-hop scene’s most respected artists including DELTA, CIECMATE, OVERPROOF PETE, BIGFOOT, BIAS B &MISS BROWN, KOLD HEAT is a record that will excite the older generations of a time they’ve known and loved, while engage the younger audiences on a level that’s not of the mainstream radio festival pop-rap sound the majority are exposed to today.

Available from OCTOBER 17, 2014 through KARSNIOGENICS and OBESE RECORDS DISTRIBUTION, 750 REBELS are the crew to look out for in 2015 and beyond.


Karsniogenics & the 750 REBELS present JAKE BIZ, LAZY GREY & DJDCIDE with the first official single “PIG CITY” featuring fellow 750 Rebel OVERPROOF PETE taken from their forthcoming album KOLD HEAT.
Following on from the album prequel KOLD HEAT | BRING IT TO YA CITY DVD release late last year, the crew are locked and loaded on this next banger. Produced by LAZY GREY this joint has all the hallmarks of classic Lazy production, bringing forth a sound that’s reminiscent of the Banned In Queensland era he’s so well known for. Each of the three MC’s take a glass and raise a toast to “..a rock n roll city where they smash guitars!”, with DJDCIDE layin’ the cuts in true 750 fashion of which these Brisbane stalwarts are well known and respected for the past 15 years and more.
Alongside the digital release of “PIG CITY” on Friday August 8, the boys have teamed up again with Dolan from DF Des1gn to produce a fresh new video clip celebrating their beloved city of Brisbane. The 750 crew worked with Dolan earlier in the year to produce the clip GRIZ VS BIZ, a video only leak drop also taken from the forthcoming album KOLD HEAT, out now on the Karsniogenics YouTube channel. The brand new video clip for PIG CITY drops Thursday afternoon ahead of the single drop on Friday.
Available Friday August 8th through Obese Records Distribution, at all good digital outlets.

PIG CITY Instrumental
PIG CITY Accapella

“RISE” The photo-documentary of Hiphop in AUSTRALIA

by Michelle Grace Hunder

Lazy, Jake and Dcide couldn’t be more proud of being featured in this amazing photographic history of our beloved culture as it stands today. The astoundingly talented photographer Michelle Hunder has undertaken a task no other has attempted in Australian Hiphop history; to document the artists that truly represent the vast diversity around today. Featuring 118 portraits of 182 artists from foundering fathers to the latest innovators, all wrapped up in this sensationally packaged book that’s an absolute must-have for any true dedicated hiphop head and young fan alike. Take our word, this book will be one monumental moment that one should NOT sleep on.
Get your RISE preorders on here and support this rising Australian artist the way we do.