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750 rebels

750 REBELS formed in the mid 2000's as a sort of super group made up of KARSNIOGENICS artists who were regularly performing along side one another on stage. The artists were BROTHERS STONEY, THE TOWN DRUNXXX, KEN OATH, MISS BROWN & DJ DCE, who often collaborated on each others music from time to time during those years. It just made sense to the collective to solidify the already known name from 750 REBELS first inception in the mid 90's when initially formed by LAZY GREY.

Today 750 REBELS comprises of artists LAZY GREY, JAKE BIZ, DJDCIDE, OVERPROOF PETE, BIGFOOT (of Melbournes Hired Goons), AKIDCALLEDCHUBZ, KEN OATH, MISS BROWN, DJ LOPSIDED, LEN ONE and LINZ (Ironlak Writer Team). The crew are the most well established group on the Brisbane hiphop circuit, well renown for the highly energetic live shows that are touted as second to none by all who've witnessed them on stage.

750 REBELS (in various formations of the artist lineup) have headlined stages for SPRUNG HIPHOP FESTIVAL, STANDUP FESTIVAL, and performed all around Australia for well over a decade & a half now. The list of touring artists that 750 have supported over the years is extensive to say the least; with performance credits featuring national and international artists such as – GHOSTFACE KILLAH, MF DOOM, MOP, RAEKWON, THE LIKS, JEDI MIND TRICKS, BRAINTAX, RA THE RUGGED MAN, TIM DOG, KOOL KEITH AND KUTMASTER KURT, JEAN GRAE, DJ JAZZY JEFF, LORD FINNESSE & ROC RAIDA, SWOLLEN MEMBERS, LOOTPACK, ACEYLONE, MYSTRO, SCRIBE; and national acts such as LYRICAL COMMISSION, CRATE CARTEL, HOSPICE CREW, HIRED GOONS, BIAS B, FUNKOARS, HILLTOP HOODS and many more. 




Since first forming the label in 1999, LAZY GREY is a name synonymous with the culture’s greats, often touted as ‘your favourite artist’s favourite artist'. From his early work in the 90s on underground cassettes, to forming the Black Stump label with Hams and LENONE in '96, followed by his first solo album “On Tap” on cassette, LAZY GREY has gone on to amass a critically acclaimed body of work, notably the BONEY & STONEY EP in 1998 alongside MC's BIAS B and LENONE, now revered as one of Australia's most seminal hiphop releases of all time. His second solo in 2000 “On Or Off Tap” took the country by storm, only to be backed up 3 years later with the classic album “Stone Broke” under the name 'Brothers Stoney' with MC LENONE.

LAZY GREY then dropped his third solo LP “Banned In Queensland” in 2004 which once again solidified his rightful place at the top of the game, showing us all just how shit’s done propper. LAZY followed up yet again in 2009 with his fourth solo album “The Soundtrack”, putting his production skills aside and focusing purely on his lyrical writing skills while producer DAVE V aka VHS handled the beats with DJ DCIDE on the cuts. During these past 20+ years LAZY GREY has racked up countless guest appearances, perfected his live show like no other, and continued releasing music year in year out with his latest work on the full length double vinyl album KOLD HEAT with fellow 750 members JAKE BIZ & DJ DCIDE and producer SEAN B.

Instagram - @lazylaze750



DJDCIDE aka DJDCE is the backbone of Karsniogenics - Co-Owner and Head-Honcho in charge. No stranger to the culture since his graffiti days of the early to late 90s, DJDCIDE took to the wheels of steel and began hitting Brisbane stages alongside vocalist MISS BROWN in 2000. By 2002 he was playing shows alongside Brothers Stoney and The Town Drunxxx, which is where the crew decided to formalize the group 750 REBELS as the force in Brisbane to be reckoned with. On top of his 750 commitments DJDCIDE has toured with many Australian hip-hop artists including BIAS B and REASON and runs the Karsniogenics label operations, making him one of the busiest men the game.

DJDCIDE's first collaborative release was the “Home Made” EP with MISS BROWN in 2005, followed up by “Begged Borrowed Or Stolen” alongside LEN ONE in 2006. Not to forget the 2007 750 REBELS release "Spit Vicious”, nor his work with LAZY GREY’s 2009 release “The Soundtrack” he then formed the production duo THE STATESMEN with MC/producer SEAN B in 2010, releasing the debut album “Drama To The Finish”, only to follow on with 750 REBELS 'KOLD HEAT' in 2014/2015. DJDCIDE has been the studio engineer on almost all of the label’s 19 releases to date, as well as designing many of the aforementioned brands and cover art packages for the label. He was also co-host come host of the former 4ZZZ Phattape Hip-hop Show for 8 years through the 2000s(Australia’s longest running hip-hop show of 23 years).

Instagram - @djdcide750



JAKE BIZ cut his teeth in the early-mid 2000s as a founding member of the live group The Town Drunxxx. Blazing stages alongside KEN OATH and LAZY GREY was no short stint for JAKE BIZ, who then took on the hype man/back up MC duties for LAZY GREY’s Banned In Queensland tour in late 2004. From working in the studio with the 750 REBELS for the 2007 'Spit Vicious' single to the many guest appearances on some of Australian hip-hop’s finest albums, JAKE BIZ forged on with carving his own path to the top with the free EP releases PURGATORY 1 & 2 in 2010/2011, priming his audience for the seminal debut solo album “COMMERCIAL HELL” which he released mid 2012.

JAKE BIZ is renowned for smashing stages around the country with a presence and vigor second to none, and is known amongst heads for his encyclopedic knowledge of hip-hop culture.  JAKE BIZ co-hosted the 4ZZZ FM PHATTAPE HIPHOP SHOW from 2012 until its closure in early 2014. Jake's latest body of work on 750 REBELS 'KOLD HEAT' in 2014/2015 has seen JAKE BIZ show & prove just how and why he's ranked as one of the best on the mic this country has to offer today.

Instagram - @jake_biz750

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OVERPROOF PETE aka brookes cullings

OVERPROOF PETE aka BROOKES CULLINGS, began laying down the ground in his career after founding TOWN DRUNXXX, laying down demos in mums basement with fellow founding members KHILZ and JAKE BIZ. His focus was on sampling records and loop on PC soon shifting the method to ASR-10/MPC analogue samplers. After being mentored and shown the harware ropes by the likes of LAZY GREY and SEAN B on how to utilize the tools, BROOKES CULLINGS went in and starting banging out joints and stacking them floppy zips. OVERPROOF's writing was always being honed and put to work with intermittent features on local and interstate releases, with live show performances that stem back to early 2000s, through to the formation of the 750 REBELS crew.

OVERPROOF'S next release came with brother in arms, JAKE BIZ with Proof handling all production duties under the name BROOKES CULLINGS. Goin hard for 2 summers they produced the much revered releases "COMMERCIAL HELL". With OVERPROOF carving out a sound and backdrop for the front man it allowed him to also mature and refine his production sound, a mix of traditional boom bap sound hiphop with a soft synth element the creates an authentic sound without using samples or breaks. His approach to the microphone has always been aggressive in the sense of raw of emotion, with no restraint both on stage and in the vocal booth. 

OVERPROOF PETE is currently working on his solo debut EP, scheduled for release late 2017.

Instagram - @overproof750



Beatmaker, producer, and A&R Officer for Karsniogenics, AKIDCALLEDCHUBZ is no newcomer to Australian hop-hop culture. Coming up alongside Karsniogenics & 750 REBELS artists in the 2000's, Chubz found his passion for music production initially through diggin' in the crates; a true fan of the art, first and foremost. Chubz' collection and knowledge to date spans all genres and is well known amongst purists who share a similar appreciation for the record and a thirst to get their fingers dusty. It was this passion for the true roots of the culture that granted him the opportunity to carry on the torch of 4ZZZ FM's PHATTAPE HIPHOP SHOW. AKIDCALLEDCHUBZ joined the team in 2007 and took the hot seat after DJDCIDE retired from the show in mid 2009. 

Since taking the reigns at the label in the A&R role in 2016, AKIDCALLEDCHUBZ is responsible for the latest release on the K label, SUSSONE's "KONEKT GAME" EP recently dropped December 2016. Chubz features as one of the two core producers for the record, alongside DONTEZ (KINGS KONEKTED) with the production duo producing all the beats under the moniker "Gemini Method". You'll be hard pressed to find a man with the dedication, knowledge and honesty you'll get from AKIDCALLEDCHUBZ, which is exactly why he calls KARSNIOGENICS his home in hip-hop.

AKIDCALLEDCHUBZ has been busy working on new projects with GAZ HAZARD, LFLOWS and OVERPROOF PETE, scheduled for release in 2017.

Instagram - @akidcalledchubz

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suss one

SUSS ONE ‘THE CORAX TYPE’ is an Australian hip-hop MC, born and bred in the western suburbs of Brisbane. SUSS ONE first gained recognition as an artist collaborating with neighbourhood friends KINGS KONEKTED. Raised on raw unadulterated hip-hop music, SUSS ONE first became involved in hip-hop at an early age through writing graffiti and rhyming with local teens cut from the same cloth. Realising his talent for rocking microphones, SUSS ONE began perfecting his craft and developing his own raw style of unique rhyming flows, finally finding his home with KARSNIOGENICS Records in 2013. 

Since signing to the label, SUSS ONE dropped his debut release "KONEKT GAME" featuring KINGS KONEKTED, OVERPROOF PETE, LAZY GREY and DJ DCIDE late 2016. Produced by AKIDCALLEDCHUBZ and DONTEZ, the EP is available now on 12inch vinyl and CD here at KARSNIOGENICS, and other good independent record stores around AUS. 

Instagram - @sussone_tct

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gaz hazard

Hailing from Brisbane’s south side GAZ HAZARD was a founding member of underground rap group CRS (Cool, Rad, Skills or Cunt Rap Syndicate). CRS garnered cult-like support in the mid to late 2000’s following the release of the crew’s debut album, "GULLY DOWN CROOKS". Known for their rowdiness and a 'back to basics' approach the Cunt Rap Syndicate finally reopened their doors in 2013 with the first full-length release from one of their most promising MC’s with GAZ HAZARD's "HAZARDOUS TO YA HEALTH" album.

"HAZARDOUS TO YA HEALTH" saw Gaz trawling through a lifetime of memories from the opposite side of the law, a vantage point from which very few local MC’s can truly speak. The album featured the remarkable talents of fellow CRS members PORS 1 and SERVO who provide five verses and nine stellar beats respectively. The album also relished collaborations with close mates the 750 REBELS and HIRED GOONS, KEN OATH, BILLY BUNKS, JAKE BIZ and TORNTS bringing a powerhouse of Australian hip-hop to it’s forefront.

Since the release of Hazardous To Ya Health, GAZ HAZARD has been honing his skills and perfecting his craft both on stage and in the lab. Carrying a number of admirable shows under his belt with international touring artists including RA THE RUGGED MAN, DEMIGODS (APATHY & CELPH TITLED) among others; plus national shows at STAND UP FESTIVAL in 2014 (Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide) with several local headline spots in recent years, the time has come for GAZ to once again embark on his solo journey with his sophomore album well in the works  expected to release mid 2017 on KARSNIOGENICS.

Instagram - @gazhazard



SIMPLEX is a member of the CERTIFIED WISE collective and also the founding member of TERRA FIRMA, which was conceived in 1995 and together they built up a fan base through their live performances and also in the Adelaide MC battle circuit. 

As a music producer, SIMPLEX started producing in 1999 under the guide of PERISH, DJ DEBRIS and SUFFA, who all taught him the fundamentals of record digging, sampling, music production and audio engineering. Since then he has worked tirelessly to craft his sound, which in turn has seen him release self produced albums with TERRA FIRMA, DAMO and his 2011 solo album ‘AUDIOBIOGRAPHY' and collaborating with such artist as HILLTOP HOODS, THE FUNKOARS, ALLDAY, PEGZ, REASON, BRAD STRUT, BRIGGS, DRAPHT, X-BRED MONGRELS, C RAYZ WALZ, KIMENCE, RQANTOBOKGO and ELOQUOR.

Moving to Brisbane QLD in 2013, SIMPLEX aligned with the KARSNIOGENICS crew and began collaborating on music projects, then took on the roll of mixing engineer for SUSS ONE'S 'KONEKT GAME' EP for the label.

Simplex is currently producing for national and international artists, in 2016 he released the first installment of his 845AM project featuring LFLOWS and PACEWON. The production based 8 part vinyl series will also feature SLAINE, LAZY GREY, CHINO XL, RASCO and JAKE BIZ, with more names to be announced in the near future.

Instagram - @i_am_simplex


Hams - Milestone Workshop

HAMS joined old time friends KARSNIOGENICS in 2014 to provide label support and assist with art direction, graphic design and additional photography. He brings over 30 years experience in design, music marketing and event management. Some previous noteworthy collaborations include MAMA'S FUNK, LAZY GREY, BONEY & STONEY, DELTA, 750 REBELS and SUSS ONE.


Instagram - @milestoneworkshop