The name you know to trust. Homegrown since 1999.

Karsniogenics is an independent record label based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. We represent a collective of long time friends and only the best our beloved city has to offer when it comes to underground Australian hip-hop music. Founded in 1999 with nothing more than pure passion and the desire to be able to release quality music of our own accord with no restrictions whatsoever, the label has achieved 22 releases to date with pride. 

Karsniogenics is the home to some of the hiphop subcultures greats; the likes of owner, producer and mc LAZY GREY, co-owner & head honcho in charge DJ DCIDE; alongside their reputable & mighty 750 REBELS crew comprised of JAKE BIZ, OVERPROOF PETE, AKIDCALLEDCHUBZ, BIGFOOT (Melbourne's Hired Goons crew fame), LEN ONE, KEN OATH, MISS BROWN, and LINZ (IRONLAK Writer Team). Karsniogenics is home now to recently signed artists SUSS ONE & GAZ HAZARD, also label affiliate SIMPLEX of CERTIFIED WISE CREW from Adelaide.

For more info on who we are and what we do, carry on through the site, you'll no doubt find that goodness you've been hunting for within these pages. 

One love. KARSNIOGENICS. 2017.